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Color — Platinum Metallic


Cableway helps manage cables and power at work surface height for a clean aesthetic.

Cableway typically ships in 10 business days.


Cableway keeps your work surface free of cords and cables with two different mounting methods:

Universal Clamp easily c-clamp’s to the work surface
Horizontal Mounting Bracket that mounts underneath the work surface.
Cableway can be used in combination with Privacy and Modesty Screens.

Store jumbled cables out-of-sight and out of the way while keeping them accessible

Manage cables and power inside the 1” channel at desk height

Clamps have rubber feet to ensure a tight grip on desk while leaving no marks behind

Universal Clamp Cableway clamps on surfaces 1 to 2 inches thick

55"W and 61"W cableways ship with three Universal clamps or horizontal brackets. All other cableway widths ship with two Universal clamps or horizon-

Universal Clamp

C-clamp clamps on work surface 1″ to 2″ thick
Ships with Privacy and Modesty Screens and Cableway
Gap between work surface and Screen/Cableway is 1″ to allow for cable feed-through
Uses a 2″ footprint above and below work surface

Horizontal Mounting Bracket

Bracket screw mounts to underside of work surface
Ships with Cableways only
Gap between work surface and Cableway is 1″ to allow for cable feed-through
Requires 2″ of under work surface clearance