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Color — Apple


Oodle comes in a stack of three with one movement disc.

Typically Ships in 5 business days.


Oodle is designed for use by students of all ages as sections may be removed to create seat heights of 7.5″, 13.5″ and 18.5″.
Seat diameter measures 17″ ensuring every student feels comfortable (weight limit of 250lbs).
Make it move! To add movement to Oodle, simply flip the movement disc over to the curved side, this will provide the student with a comfortable (and fun) 10 degrees of movement in all directions.
Oodle moves only so far before the built in ‘stop’ engages at 10º of rocking. This prevents the user from feeling unstable.
Make it stop! Let’s face it, active seating isn’t for every student (or every situation), for those students and situations, the movement disc is easy for a teacher or parent to flip and remove the movement from Oodle. To stack Oodle or sit flat, turn the movement disc over to the flat side and lock into place.


Overall Height 18.5″
Overall Width 17″
Overall Depth 17″
Shipping Box Dimensions 20″ H x 17″ W x 17″ D
Shipping Box Weight 18 lbs.