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Steelcase Karman High Back

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Color - Intermix Mesh — Seagull Opaque/Seagull/Seagull


Sit back and let physics do its job. With a proprietary performance textile and impossibly light frame, Steelcase Karman goes beyond leading mesh office chairs to provide effortless comfort. Steelcase Karman chair with 5" pneumatic seat-height adjustment comes standard with LiveBack technology, comfort edges and our performance textile Intermix on the seat and back, a patented hybrid seat with integrated cushioning, 4 dimensional arms, five-star base, textured paint and hard, dual-wheeled casters for carpet.​

Model Number: 419A500


Steelcase Karman’s patented hybrid seat is unlike any other. The suspension seat with integrated cushioning provides maximum comfort for as long as you sit. The ultra-light frame flexes to eliminate painful pressure points common in other mesh chairs.

The comfort dial supports four recline positions, letting you dial in the right level of resistance against your back as you recline.

Fully adjustable armrests raise up and down, pivot in and out and shift in all directions, letting your arms and shoulders fall naturally into place.

4-Way Adjustable Arms (height, width, pivot, and depth)

Adjustable Lumbar

Casters: Hubless

With Neck Support Pillow


Seat Height