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Steelcase Leap - Leather

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Upholstery Color — Elmosoft Leather - Ebony
Frame and Base Color — Black


Leap is an ergonomic office chair that lets you dial in a precise fit in all the places you need it most. It’s highly intuitive and you’ll love the way the seat glides back and forth as you recline, keeping you connected to your work.

Typically Ships in 7 business days.

Model Number: 46216179


It’s the first chair designed with our LiveBack® technology which allows the back to contour and adapt to mimic and support the natural movement of your spine
Designed with a Natural Glide System™, the seat glides back and forth as you recline —keeping your posture in check and moving you closer to your worksurface. When you recline in traditional chairs, the distance between you and your work can increase, which in turn can strain your eyes, arms, and neck – pulling you away from your work and flow

Intuitive controls are labeled in English and braille for ease of use to allow you to tune in to your unique body and sitting style

Leap even includes a lower back firmness dial that allows you to customize your sitting experience with just the right amount of lumbar support that fits your preference


38.5 - 43.5"
21.75 - 24.75"
Seat Height
15.5 - 20.5"
Product Weight
47 lbs