Steelcase Think V1 Headrest

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Steelcase Think Headrest to add to existing Think Chairs V1 (Think chairs manufactured before 10/31/2014) ordered without a headrest or as a needed replacement. 

Product typically ships in 7 business days via FedEx. Shipping included in headrest price. 


  • Headrest provides additional neck support
  • Headrest only  
  • Headrest for V1 Think Chairs - Chair Model Number 465 V1 (manufactured before 10/31/2014)
  • Headrest color is black only
  • Headrest is a replacement for Think V1 chairs with an existing headrest support bracket (headrest support bracket not included) 


Model Number:  894546503SR


Steelcase Think Chair 465 Headrest Blue Box Office Furniture 


Steelcase Think Chair Headrest 465 Blue Box




Steelcase Think V1 Headrest - Blue Box

Think V1 Headrest - Assembly